Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Sign

Today was a pretty normal day till I got back home, and on my doorstep was this!

I take it as a sign that I'm somewhat in the right place when little things like a new book make me excited.

I promise I'm still cool. Maybe.

(For those of you who are dying to know (I'm sure that's everyone) this is going to possibly be a book that I will write my final theory paper on, as an extension of what my undergrad thesis was about. Don't know what my undergrad thesis was about? Shame. One word: doctors. :) )


Devika said...

Fascinating Miss Kathy. Now your endearing public wishes to know what a scandalous Sociology PhD students does!

Allison said...

and I thought our Scrabble obsession was a low point.... just kidding.