Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Entry

So I've been thinking for awhile to start a blog about grad school, life, etc. For a couple reasons:

1) to keep those I care about in the loop with my life. ie. the mass email rationale. I could just mass email, but for some reason I feel like blogging is more....creative? (and clearly more self-centered...HA). And I would blog a lot more often than mass email.

2) To give me something "productive" to do when I'm not being productive, instead of wasting my hours away thinking of a new name to google, or zoning out on Facebook, or staring at words...

3) Because I used to blog a lot, but don't know why I stopped. So...I'm starting again!

Right now, Weber is jostling for my attention, so I think I need to give him some positive reinforcement, and then head off to bed to prepare for a terribly long Monday tomorrow. I just needed to get this post up because I have been putting this off for quite some time now. I feel like I build up the expectation for myself for a first post and end up having nothing really witty or groundbreaking to say and therefore let myself down. (Heck, I put off making a blog all summer because I couldn't even come up with a TITLE.) But now that that's out of the way, the second post will be an easier obstacle to overcome. (hopefully, or this blog will be terribly uninteresting). Till next time then! :)


Anonymous said...




words? i guess those could be important too.


Devika said...

HA HA HA You have a blog too now.

Thank God you are no longer on Xanga.

AJ said...