Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Status update

Pages written: 33+17=50
Pages left: 0!!!!!
Drinks consumed: 0
Drinks to be consumed:..... :)

Yay to the end of the 1st year of grad school. more reflection on that later. for now...clean laundry, a full night's sleep, and an evening full of beer and friends. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Status update

Hours left: 18
Pages done: 16
Pages left: still 10-ish?
Status: I see the light...?
Mood: Totally satisfied in seeing the undergrads run screaming in the rain

Evaluating Progress

Hours left: 22 hrs
Pages written: 10
Pages left: 10-ish...
Status: motivated
Mood: Jealous of the undergrads walking around in sunglasses and flip flops outside...hope it rains on them.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

Dislikes: Waking up to blaring techno at 10 am on a Saturday morning. It's not even a game day!

Likes: Taking a break from a million pages of writing to breathe in the smell of a spring thunderstorm.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wow, so I really dropped off this habit now didn't I? Oops....

Well rest assured, my clamouring fan club, I am back, and hopefully back for good. I think this blog started out as a way for me to chronicle and waste my time alone in Ann Arbor, between the reading of grad school and the dancing, and the adjusting, I figured I would have a lot of time to reflect and get used to being in a new place and a new stage in my life (and I hate writing mass emails). HA. Yea, the reflecting happened, but the "time" really did not, and this year really hit me full force that I really stopped reflecting and chronicling that online.

Though, that reflecting hasn't really stopped. C'mon, it's me, haha. With my first year in grad school about to end in 5 days, it could not be a better time for me to resurface and hopefully continue this little project. (Also that I have a theory paper due in 5 days, that I have 0 pages on, and a research paper due in also 5 days, of which I have 0 pages on....so its the PERFECT time to do a new post!)

..anyways the reflecting..

This year really has been crazy. I've come to adjust to a place and a lifestyle that I never really thought I could adjust to. In reality if I think back on it, I've always had problems with change. Even though I am a "TCK" and am supposed to be fantastic at adapting myself to new places, I really think that being a TCK also gives people a strong sense of cognitive dissonance. The I-fit-in-quite-well-on-the-outsdie feel, but the I-am-so-freakin-confused feel on the inside. What percentage that is attributable to my baseline personality and what is mediated by my TCK life, who knows? It's a little hypothesis of mine...

But I have really grown to enjoy living in Ann Arbor. (stop giving me skeptical looks now). It's a really cute place, and I am definitely starting to enjoy the university, the lifestyle of a grad student, and the freedom to speculate research questions and funny theories all day. Not only just Ann Arbor, but most importantly I think I really made a realization that I have to accept my lifestyle. That my heart belongs on Chicago and but I am physically here. That I want to pursue a career in academics, and I take my work in grad school seriously, but also want to create and express myself through dance. I have learned that life is what it is, and that I am at a period in my life where I don't need answers to many questions, and should just let myself live through the experience. Ironically this realization happened when I was in Chicago for a weekend, attending a crazy slew of dance classes with Boogiezone Chicago (hells yeah). I realized that I could not have both worlds where they are now, had I not moved to Michigan. I would have not have experienced 2xs Michigan, been exposed to so many wonderful and inspirational dancers. I would not have experienced the great cohort of grad students that I entered Michigan with. I would not have had the opportunity to choreograph for 2xs's set at Urbanite this spring, as well as be allowed to pursue my own brand of quantitative sociology, demography, medical sociology, health and aging.....(hmmm still working on that one there...)

Speaking of Urbanite....I have to put this in my blog:

Blood sweat and tears, but the product and the experience of Urbanite, totally worth it.

also...2xs...my people....I cannot even imagine what my life in Ann Arbor woudl be like without it. I thought about it, and realized that I have had quite a history of making friends through dance. It's something that I started doing in 6th grade and never stopped. In high school, my closest friends were all dancers. Our friendship was reinforced by the outside classes we took together, the endless hrs of rehearsals we had, and just the large number of hours we spent in the studio and out, goofing off. I realized that that is the way I make friends. I am used to that space. So when I came to Ann Arbor, I knew it was essential that I join a dance group, since, really, I'm pretty awkward outside of that, haha.

A year of 2xs through pictures. :)
watching america's best dance crew at ericas....
Future Exec and Co-artistic Director!
Yes, we met Team Millenia, wobz was AWESOME,such an inspirational dancer...
we chilled with Justin and Joey from ASIID the two most awesome and inspirational dancers out there, not to mention so chill and friendly and funny!
Performing DanceMix / Detroit set at the power center:
Baby Mama, Mina!!! I miss you!!

So 2xs was a big part of the year, but even though my life was primarily dance, I *did* have a life outside of dance. (maybe i'm deluding myself). i could not ask for a more bomb cohort. Yes, we say cohort here. It means GROUP of people who start something at the same time (ie. grad school) and not a groupie fan group. (some ppl thought that). I have so much respect for every person in here, and am really honored really to be in part of the same group. Not to mention, we really know how to have fun. :)

some pictures:
Elyse, Dan, and I at post Cabaret drinks in Ypsi....oh Cabaret...what an experience...
Some of the cohort at Emily Bosk's birthday:

And to end the year in pictures, its been nice to know that even though I am in a new place, I always have my old networks and friends that I can turn to.
MMSS coming up for the Northwestern vs. Mich game....CRAZY weather...but awesome win. :)
Blast from the past! Patrick and Mike! HS buds, plus of course Alex and Ally. Thanks Ally for always throwing sweet NYE parties. :)
And of course, a summary of the year, can't be complete without one more final thing:

Ok done procrastinating. Papers, watch out.