Friday, April 30, 2010

New directions

So i changed the overall look of the blog, and the title because i realized that i was no longer inspired to write because things didn't feel like 'me' as i am now. so, here is my first attempt to align things more closely.

i also realized that i didn't really give this blog a direction. it was mainly a device for me to write about random things in my life the first year i moved to ann arbor. now i don't need a device, but rather have figured out something pretty meaningful to post about.

basically this past year i have come to understand my life as a dynamic equilibrium. In HS chemistry i was obsessed with this concept. the idea was just so....natural to me, yet totally changed the way i thought about equilibrium and states, etc. as with many other concepts in science, i totally extrapolated to everyday life. (I did the same with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle lol.)

i am constantly feeling tension between multiple factors in my life, yet ultimately i balance everything. i am inspired by many things and feel the need to act upon them. thus, me being pulled in many (in the most case just two main) directions. and while in the moment i feel in flux, i have been constantly reminded that this IS the way i want life to be. i am ultimately in balance when i respond to these multiple inspirations. and that's just who i am.

i definitely feel a constant pressure to choose one of these forces, to specialize, to mark things as hobbies vs. careers. while it may be foolish, for now i'm going to explore ignoring that urge. dynamic equilibrium!

ps. all you hard core chemists, i understand that this is kinda a huuuuge extrapolation of the concept. (originally its about forces in equal but opposite directions in a closed system). i think the idea can be extrapolated. be creative. :)


alexmc81 said...

How on earth do you apply the Heisenburg uncertainty principle to practical application. The more you know about one thing the less you know about another? Hmmm. I guess if you focused on one thing you have less time to examine another... Yeah, I'm going with that.

misskathylin said...

With the heisenberg uncertainty principle, the idea is that when you start looking for something, the very act of you looking for that "thing" changes that "thing" so you don' tknow if what you are looking for is actually what that "thing" was, or if it is the combination of you looking + whatever it originally was.

sort of the idea that when looking for "truth" or the "answer" or something, the way you ask the question and look for the answer influences the answer that you get. there is no absolute true answer, because it depends on how you ask the question and how you look for the answer. make sense?

alexmc81 said...

Slightly different than my more basic explanation and understanding of it.I like your way better.

There must be an easier way to figure out that truism than quantum mechanics.

Now, to go get a cat, a box, and some poison.... Ttyl.