Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 resolutions...

a little late but stuff i have been thinking about:

1. have a "me" day at least once every other week. a "me" day is defined as having NOTHING and NOWHERE for me to do or be. I can wake up in the morning, and decide what i want to do right there and then.

2. cook more. eat better. eat less fast food. (urbanite may be my huuuuge exception.)

3. be more financially responsible. (ie. keep a budget. and stick to it. and start saving.)

4. get more sleep.

5. learn to say "no". (ie. condense my schedule).

6. don't do anything i don't want to do. do things that make me happy.

7. keep better in touch with friends.

8. cut myself some slack. life is a process, i don't need to get things done RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.

9. dance unapologetically.

10. call home more.

10 things to do for 2010!


Anonymous said...

love how we're pretty similar.

just say no!!!

Janet Oh said...

I like #1. Such a simple concept, but I bet it's really hard to do.

Also, why don't we talk more often?! I need Kathy updates!