Sunday, May 24, 2009

a weird moment

have you ever been busy doing something, and then, mid thought, have a complete out of mind experience, and wonder, how in the world did i get here? for some reason, sometimes when i am walking around at night, usually down church street to my apartment, I have these sudden random moments of, "huh"? its almost as if i fell asleep sophomore year in AP US history, and woke up here. its a weird mixture of amazement and disbelief. sometimes it feels like i'm living someone else's life--like this isnt' the real me, i'm just exploring one possible pathway? something like that. sometimes its like--wow--who would have thought that i would have ended up here? It's both a positive and negative feeling, where the negative is a more panicked--wtf am i doing here, and the positive is--how the hell did i get here and why is it so cool. I remember my best friend Steph and I talked about how we would walk down this one corridor in our High School, each year, till graduation, and say, "remember the time, that we would remember the time, that we would remember the time..." remembering all the other times that we were also remembering the times. (ha). I wonder if either of us pictured us to be where we are now. kinda weird eh.

anyways, on a completely different note, i taught the 2xs company class today. it was really fun, and i really need to get my choreography butt in gear and start getting creative and moving my body again. it feels weird going from 7 hr intensive rehearsals till now....where i dance, maybe...1-2 times a week? need to get going again! so anyways, here's the youtube....its kinda a little just a little vibe i needed to get out of me. i just wanted to try and do "hip hop" to something completely not hip hop, but something that still moved my body and moved me. i think the product is kinda interesting. anyways, i did have fun teaching it, i hope ppl liked it!

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Devika said...

Dude, I was watching the Lion King DVD, and we were SOOOO BADASS! Can you believe it's been... 6 years since then?

When you were in HS did you really think you would be getting your Ph.D. in Sociology? Though I think all of us expected Steph to be working at a newspaper right now.